I Am the Life and LIght of the World | Eddie PullenWinter. Uncertainty. Pain. Winter. Loneliness. Disappointment. Winter. Clouds. Sadness. Winter.

We here in the Midwest are desperate for sun … at this point, any ray will do. I find myself on the verge of jumping in my car, pointing it straight south and not stopping until I hit the sun … and at least 75 degrees … and some sand.

I love snow – both it’s beauty and the winter sports it supports. But even this self-proclaimed ski bunny is done with it. It’s time to trade in snow white for sunlight (no offense to Disney intended).

Clouds are another matter … never much cared for them at any temp. We want to see the sun clearly. Clouds plus cold, double whammy. Together they slowly wear us down, discouraging, frustrating, confusing and depressing the the light we require to think straight.

In last Sunday’s message at Mosaic Church in Highland, IL, Pastor Eddie Pullen addressed our need for the light of Jesus in our lives, and the church’s call to share that Light, “The church is commissioned to take the Light into the world, so that they can have the hope that we have … illuminating minds and hearts.” Jesus is the one true source of light in life. Without His light, there is no way of hope in the darkness.

“When you give yourself away for the welfare of others, you truly live.” – Pastor Eddie Pullen, Mosaic Church

Pullen states, “Making decisions in the dark is a hard thing to do.” People need us to come along side of them with the light of Hope in difficult circumstances, encouraging next steps to help and healing. Individuals, communities and organizations need us to jump in with our prayers, our support, our money and our time.

An ongoing struggle with Depression drives me to dive into the darkness of others’ grief and pain. Anxiety asks me to act on behalf of others processing despair and fear, advocating for renewed hope and trust. I have no doubt that God continues to allow the presence of these faithful companions in my life to guide me on my journey … bringing light – and light-giving resources – to others walking through seasons of crisis, loss, confusion, fear and pain.

“We’re never more alive than when we live for Jesus, when we’re reflecting His life to those around us, when we’re following His purpose for our lives.” – Pastor Eddie Pullen, Mosaic Church

Victims of natural disasters need assistance with debris removal, recovery of personal effects, listening ears and soft shoulders. Prisoners serving lengthy sentences separated from their families and friends need restorative community and Christ-centered resources. Families faced with the financial and emotional costs that often accompany life-threatening illness need gift cards and card showers of support. They need us to step in to their dark place and light it up with our presence, our love and our service.

“If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry
and satisfy the needs of the oppressed,
then your light will rise in the darkness,
and your night will become like the noonday.” – Isaiah 58:10

God calls us to reflect our hope to others in need, to invest in the lives of those struggling around us and to dive into complicated and difficult situations, bringing the reason for our hope into the light of dark circumstances.

Listen to the full message, “I Am the Life and Light of the World,” from Pastor Eddie Pullen, Jr., Mosaic Church, Highland, IL