Hope Rocks Campaign

Hope Rocks T-ShirtYour Ticket to Prison Ministry

The total cost of a Hope Shows prison concert ranges between $3,000-5,000, inclusive of artist guarantees, sound and light production, travel and lodging (as needed), meals and event administration.

The goal of the in-prison events are three-fold:

  1. to visit those in prison with hope of the Gospel as presented through Christian music, film and other media,
  2. to equip prison facilities with Bibles and other Christian literature, art and music supplies, recovery programs and volunteer support,
  3. to connect inmates with supportive communities, including Christian music radio in their region, and existing ministry opportunities available through their chaplain and religious services programs.

The benefit events seek:

  1. to tell the story of prison ministry, through testimonies, stories and music, reminding the public of the need to love inmates, former inmates and their families,
  2. to build support for Hope Shows initiatives designed to encourage inmates toward a healthier identity in Christ by providing in-prison Hope Shows events (through donations of “tickets” for inmates to attend a concert or movie in their facility), Christ-centered literature (through Bible and Christian book donation drives) and access to art and music (though donations of supplies, financial support and time/instruction),
  3. to equip attendees with practical steps toward prison ministry, including connections to in-prison ministry volunteer opportunities and organizations, after-care ministry options and the needs of families of inmates.

We are driven by Jesus’ concern for prisoners (Matthew 25:36, Isaiah 61:1, Hebrews 13:3) and the transforming, redeeming work of Jesus through the Gospel message.

In addition, statistics show that 95% of inmates will be released back into our communities. We seek to facilitate their productive re-entry in to their families, careers and communities AND reduce the over 50% recidivism rate of former inmates who return to prison within three years.

Hope Rocks - November 2009It’s takes an industry …

These shows don’t happen in a vacuum. Hope Shows partners with booking agents, managers, artists, record labels, sponsors and Christian radio in the effort to advance hope in these communities through music.

Hope Shows “stands beside the broken,” a cross-cultural experience of grief, loss, sin, pain, shame and other emotions found in so many hurting individuals and communities. We welcome you to stand with us.

Hope Rocks Campaign Goals

  • Produce Christian concerts in prison facilities.
  • Partner with the church to produce Christian music benefit events in support of prison ministry.
  • Engage the youth and young adult generation in prison ministry.
  • Facilitate church development of in-prison and after-care prison ministries.
  • Conduct an annual “Hope Rocks Christmas Collection” initiative, collecting new CDs to gift CD libraries to rehabilitation facilities, including Mercy Ministries.
  • Create related resources in support of the Hope Shows mission.